Middle Farm | Jersey Cow


Middle Farm is a tenant farm forming part of the Firle Estate owned by the Gage family. The tenancy has remained within the same family for over 50 years, passing down through the generations, diversifying and reflecting changes in the farming industry along the way.

Today the farm is home to the Pookhill herd of Jersey cows who contentedly graze our fields and meadows during spring and summer.  The fresh Jersey milk from our dairy herd is available to buy in our farm shop together with delicious Jersey cream and ice cream.

Our beef herd enjoy the same high standards of animal welfare and mature slowly on a grass fed diet, which we believe reflects in the quality of our meat which is sold in the Middle Farm butchery.  Arable crops are also grown on the farm and a strong emphasis is placed on the care of our environment and the wildlife within it.

Middle Farm | Farm Shop

“We stock a wide range of fresh farm produce from meat, vegetables, fruit, creams, milks and our very own Jersey ice cream.”

Middle Farm