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School Visits

We offer many tailored school trips which cover the topics and key stages that are relevant to you. Guided tours and talks, use of our school room, and ‘timed event participation’ are all available options. We also offer the farm as a hub for you to run your own lesson or tour if preferred.

Please call us on: 01323 811411 or email: info@middlefarm.com to request a schools’ pack or for more information on our school trips.

Middle Farm | Cow Milking
Middle Farm | Open Farm

Hatching For Schools

Watching chicks hatch from eggs is a truly magical experience and we can provide everything you need to do it.
After your project the chicks can be returned to Middle Farm.

Our complete package comprises of:

  • Fertile eggs from our own chickens.
  • A fully automatic incubator with 360° viewing window.
  • A brooder box to put the chicks in after hatching.
  • An electric hen to keep the chicks warm.
  • A chick feeder.
  • A chick drinker.
  • Chick crumb.
  • Bedding.
  • Anti slip mat.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Telephone & email support from our staff.

This is a 4-5 week project.

The chicks take 21 days to hatch, and can be returned to us up to two weeks after hatching.

We will provide everything you need to hatch and care for your chicks for just £100.

NB: We are only able to take chicks back from 1st March – 10th July.  Anyone wishing to hire and hatch outside of these dates must have their own arrangements in place for the hatched chicks – please keep in mind that a percentage of all chicks hatched will be cockerels.

For more information on our incubation packages, please call us on 01323 811411 or email info@middlefarm.com

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